What to Check Before Buying an Apartment

Looking for a new home can be an overwhelming task, especially now because of the many high-rise buildings and gated communities developing around us. With the vast amount of options available for us, there comes a vast number of requirements we need to consider before buying a home.

Choosing a home is an important decision because when we buy a home, we live in it for the rest of our lives. In this blog, we will try to give you a checklist to consider- when buying a home.

1. Cost

First and foremost, is the cost of the house. We should have a clear picture of the budget to spend on the house. This is one of the biggest boxes you have to tick- while you are hunting for a house.

2. Location

It’s essential to take a good look at the locality and the location. Things to check in the locality are- the availability of grocery stores, hospitals nearby, stationery shops, supermarkets, schools and colleges- if you are a parent. It is better to have a home in a prime location closer to the city because it is sure to be cost-effective and get you a good resale value.

3. Resale value

We make the mistake of focusing only on the location and the cost when buying a property. The resale value of a property is also an important thing to consider while buying a house, which is often overlooked. While it is important to choose a location of your comfort, it is also important to choose a location where the resale value does not drop or go down as compared to the properties around with time and we have to sell the property at a loss.

4. Loan eligibility

Checking if you are eligible for a home loan plays a vital role in financing your new home. You cannot get a loan if there are existing loans against your name if there is no proof of your repaying capacity or a stable income.

5. Safety and Privacy

With the increasing population, easily accessible and conveniently located houses, safety and privacy are becoming more and more scarce. If the house is on the main road or on the lower floors of a building, privacy can be hard to get and there can be a lot of noise pollution because of the constant traffic.

6. Lifts and staircases

Even with a building with 5 floors, it’s exhausting to climb the stairs. While selecting a home, ensure that there is an easily accessible lift to go up and down. This factor is important if there are elderly or kids who are going to live with you. In case the lift breaks down or there is a power cut, ensure that there is a safe strategy in place. It may be an emergency opening of the lift or a good staircase.

7. Light and ventilation

Good light and ventilation play a vital role in having a peaceful home environment. If you come home to a foul smell and dark rooms, everything a home is supposed to provide will be missing. Having a home on the highest floors of a building can provide you with proper ventilation and light. It can also be an escape from the noise and air pollution from the traffic.

8. Trusted Builder

You can do a quick internet search on whether your chosen builder is trustworthy. It is a safer bet if you invest in a builder who is well-reputed, have multiple ongoing projects under them, have positive reviews from peers, the one who meets your needs and has all the required quality certifications following RERA.

Ultimately, every house you look at is going to have its share of pros and cons. Make a list of personal requirements of what you need in a home, which aspects are negotiable, and which are deal-breakers. Luxury homes by Ark Real Estate & Infra have homes designed for a peaceful and secure life. They are at prime locations, which makes it easy for us to access the major places in the city.

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