The Rising Star of Under-19 Women’s Team

This story is of a young talent India is proud of, and we know for sure that she will make us even prouder in the days to come. This story is of Trisha, a rising talent that can’t go unnoticed. She is just 16 and already a part of the under 19 women’s cricket team of India. She has a lot of achievements to bag at such a young age, which amazes us.

While we brag about India’s young talents, let us take a closer look at how and when Trisha started her journey. She was just eight years old when she cracked a place in the Under-16 Team and played her first match for the same team. It is crazy to have such talent as an 8-year-old girl, almost half of the defined age group, competing and playing with the elders. While she did so, she sure has made a lot of us intrigued by the talent she possesses. Now, this was just the beginning of her professional career.

It was just the beginning for Trisha. She started showing her skills back then and got her chance at the Under-19 Team at Hyderabad. She was just 12 then, and all set on the road for glory. As she paves her way, she got in the Telangana State Ranji team. Now, she continues as a consistent player and represents herself as an uncompromising asset for the team.

By the time she reached 16, Trisha was a dependable all-rounder. She was consistent and made sure that the team could rely on her. Her performance spoke for her, as she badged new records every now and then.

Today, Trisha makes sure she keeps her place intact in the team with entries into newspapers with her fresh records. It is really great to see people like her, who are so fond of cricket and dedicate their lives to proving it. Also, her contribution to the India B vs India A match was commendable. She played a very crucial role for India B by winning the Women’s Under-19 Challenger Trophy. She did so with a wonderful batting inning at her side, securing 112 runs off 158 balls. These runs also included 17 boundaries, all fours to add on in a one-day match. It was held on November 7 at (Jaipur), where she was also named Woman Of The Match.

With all of these ranks and titles coming to her, she has proved worthy of holding it with her. She has also worked hard and earned her spot in India Green (BCCI Women’s cricket official tournament). This is all just as she is 16, with a much more promising career to come ahead.

We at Ark Foundation, love to flaunt our young talents like Trisha. Trisha is one of our beneficiaries. We have full faith and a strong belief in her that she has a huge role in the upcoming National Team, paving a memorable journey for herself and for others. We would love to help her chase her dreams and make us and the country proud in the future.