10 Reasons To Choose Small Compact Gated communities Vs Skyscrapers

When buying a home do you want a fabulous view of an inviting apartment in a safe, gated haven? This leaves the homebuyer wondering if they should go for a skyscraper— or g+4 buildings nestled in a gated community?

A gated community is a residential community or housing property that is set apart by the boundaries and gates. Access to the area is for residents and guests.

Skyscrapers are defined as high-rise buildings that have over 40 floors — and are usually standalone.

For some, the sky is the limit while some belief being rooted to the ground.

Yes, preferences make a difference but urban centres become more chaotic. More and more home seekers are now eyeing gated communities as the perfect home.

Here’s why:

1. Sense of community

In any gated community, there’s a strong sense of bonding. You have the chance of meeting particular strata of the society — it could be another couple with kids, or a family with elderly parents — or a neighbour who likes vintage cars.

These communities also organize events, meets, etc. which strengthens the sense of community. Though both offer contemporary lifestyles and amenities, Skyscrapers have a colder, fast-paced vibe.

2. Serene environment

Gated communities offer a serene, peaceful environment because they are enclosed. Spread over a few acres, this restricts external noise because of traffic, crowding, etc. So even though they may be located amidst bustling cities, tranquillity is not an issue.

Skyscrapers, on the other hand, are not located on sprawling acres. This restricted space makes it susceptible to more noise, chaos, etc.

3. No parking hassles

Plenty of open space, basement parking, etc. saves you parking hassles. Considering smaller, spread out apartments are there you are not constantly worried about packed parking areas.

On the other hand, skyscrapers may only have basement & restricted parking on the premises. Considering the vertical usage of space — you may have to make do with tighter parking spots.

4. No wait times at the elevator

Imagine this, living in a G+4 apartment — the lift’s not working. You conveniently take the stairs — adds to your calories burnt on the fitness tracker.

Imagine, staying on the 40th floor. The lift’s temporarily out of service or there’s a long queue — would you dare to take the stairs??

5. Active acres of fun

Gated communities are packed with amenities thanks to the huge space available. There’s usually a play area, swimming pool, etc. And the best part, no external traffic.

So your kids can run & play around freely and ride the bike.

For senior citizens, there’s plenty of safe walking areas within the community. No need to step out!

On the other hand, skyscrapers may have amenities lined up vertically, but outdoor space is very restricted.

6. Safety and security

Surveillance or CCTV cameras is one thing & your security guards knowing you personally is another. Your guard will know your child is not stepping out of the gates! This elevated feeling of security is a guarantee that your children experience childhood in a sheltered domain.

Skyscrapers give easy access to the road. This is always a significant risk that your child may immediately step out despite security being hands-on.

7. Ample amenities

Amazing amenities are a highlight of gated communities. From a fantastic clubhouse to the swimming pool — and walking path to the playing area, everything’s there!

Skyscrapers may or may not have all of these amenities.

8. Abundant water supply

Most gated communities offer an integrated lifestyle with facilities like abundant water supply. In-built tankers, water storage, etc. ensure the residential enclaves are water-sufficient.

There are no water leakage/supply hassles since built-up pressure in pipes is much lower, considering lesser height.

On the contrary pressure booster systems are required for high-rises and skyscrapers. Without the right pressure, many buildings experience frequent water issues.

9. More home value

Your home investments are also likely to grow in a gated community. If you decide to sell your property (fat chance), your re-sale value would be much higher.

As mentioned earlier, skyscrapers require more up keeping and maintenance. Comparatively, the low-rise building has fewer issues that don’t require specialist equipment.

10. Environment & pet friendly

Greener homes at gated communities are environment-friendly. They have more trees, gardens, etc. which is perfect for those who love outdoors. These are just right if you have a pet too. You can take your pet out with you for a run or a walk.

Skyscrapers may have manicured landscaping but sprawling acres of greenery are usually amiss — especially with precious space at a premium!

Yes, at a gated community everyone knows everyone. They help each other during emergencies along with all of the above pros. So, if you are an urban-dweller who wants a work-life balance, then gated communities are the way to go!