Rainwater Harvesting and How it Benefits Residents of Green Buildings

What is Rainwater Harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting is the process of collecting and using rainwater for several things. Water that otherwise would go to waste. Rainwater harvesting is particularly important for places where there is a scarcity of groundwater, big cities, where there is no greenery around and places where there is less rainfall. Rainwater harvesting has become a major source of water in recent years as more people are becoming aware of global warming and environmental crises.

Rainwater harvesting can produce a steady source of water for people living in green buildings. The water is filtered so that it becomes fit for domestic use. So much water can be saved if every house, small or big, has a rainwater harvesting system in place. This rainwater harvesting system can be installed on any scale and this is the main advantage of installing it in green buildings. Rainwater harvesting can heavily reduce the pressure on the supply chain of processed water for domestic consumption.

Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting


The rainwater that is collected in the rainwater harvesting plants is essentially free so you only have to bear the costs of filtering the water that is collected. This will result in a cheaper water supply source ultimately turning into profit for green building residents in the long run. Replacing municipality water with rainwater can reduce the cost of water treatment as a whole because it requires a lot of energy to pump water to your house from a municipal source. As the rainwater harvesting plant is in the green buildings community premises, it becomes easy and cost-effective to pump water to your house.

Availability of Water in Off Seasons

Many places, even big cities like Hyderabad and Delhi experience water shortages in summers. Rainwater harvesting can be a substitute whenever the demand for water is more than the supply.

Multiple Uses

Rainwater Harvesting can not only act as an emergency supply but it is also perfect for regular use too. People living in green buildings can happily use rainwater harvesting for their daily water needs. If a community of green buildings has a rainwater harvesting system, it can reduce the import of water from external sources and save money and water at the same time. Rainwater can be used for cooking, drinking, bathing, etc. All the household chores that require water can be done by rainwater too.

Implementation of rainwater harvesting is also helpful in meeting the new standards of water and energy efficiency that are being set up in different gated communities and integrated townships with green buildings. Rainwater harvesting is one of the key solutions for global warming and developing sustainable water resources for everyone.

Actively using the harvested rainwater guarantees that the tank where all the processed rainwater is stored is never full and keeps on collecting water. Otherwise, the rainwater will just overflow and the water will be wasted.

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