Infrastructure: (Neighbourhood) A Deciding Factor in Real Estate

A situation like this must have occurred with you when your kid waited for the last minute to tell you the kinds of stuff needed for their school project. But with no wonder, the stores are far from your society and the requirement is urgent. It is one of the kinds of situations you might face but apparently, it is not the only situation.
With Social infrastructure remaining far away from your society is indeed a big issue. Take a few more instances when you need to rush to the hospital for some emergency at midnight and the hospital is not nearby, or what if you are that fitness person and your gym is not nearby. These are real problems that are overlooked at first but can lead to major issues later. Therefore before you buy your next home, look out for the neighbourhood first!

The neighbourhood we live in impacts our lives in various ways because we spend the better part of our day in our neighbourhood. The neighbourhood and the nearby areas i.e the location of the property plays an important role in the process of buying a home. Of the one thousand things you need to consider while buying a home, a location that is fast developing, a location that is well connected to the city, a peaceful neighbourhood and a comfortable home are the primary requirements of a homebuyer.

Let us explore the requirements of a good neighbourhood in this blog.

1. Location

The location of a neighbourhood should be well connected to the major happening spots in the city like IT hubs, movie theatres, shopping malls, work offices, restaurants, etc. Connectivity to the city is a key factor in deciding whether a neighbourhood is fit for you are not.

A small requirement as a walkable distance to the grocery store also plays an important role in deciding on a neighbourhood. Locations from which places like railway stations and airports are under 30 minutes drive and the availability of public transport like bus stops and good connectivity to the city is also an attractive factor for homebuyers.

2. Social Infrastructure

People often complain that the hospital is too far or their child has to travel long distances to attend school, this creates the requirement to have facilities like hospitals, good educational institutions, clinics, and supermarkets in the neighbourhood when a buyer is looking for a home. For many homebuyers, the non-availability of such facilities is a deal-breaker and they will not put a second thought to the property in question.

3. Safety

A safe neighbourhood for kids to play, a safe neighbourhood where elders can go on an evening stroll, a safe neighbourhood where you need not worry about your vehicle getting stolen and a neighbourhood where people are friendly with each other, these factors make a neighbourhood worth investing in. Living in a gated community or an integrated township can guarantee safety for people to do all the things mentioned above.

4. Amenities

The good infrastructure of a gated community and the amenities offered on campus are the things that will not only guarantee appreciation but also a sign of a well developed or fastly developing neighbourhood. Amenities like a gym, a grocery store, a playground, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, a spa, a clinic, a lush green environment and many more are the things that attract people who are searching for a comfortable and peaceful lifestyle.

There are many townships and gated communities by many reputed builders that have everything a homebuyer needs. One of them is Ark Real Estate & Infra. Ark Real Estate & Infra has many projects under its belt. They are located in some of the major happening locations across the cities of Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Projects by Ark Real Estate & Infra also offer world-class amenities like a swimming pool, sports arenas, clubhouse, multipurpose rooms, children’s play areas and many more. Round the clock security is provided at all the projects by Ark Real Estate & Infra. Intercom facility with connectivity all across the project is what makes the residents have peace of mind. Ark Real Estate & Infra offers 2BHK and 3BHK apartments that are spacious, luxurious and modern at the same time. Check out the projects under Ark Real Estate & Infra

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