Everything you need to know about Ark Samyak!

If you are looking for a new house or property for your kids and you are yet to be delighted. Before any other real estate projects lure you, here are some great offers that Ark Samyak has to offer. Let us walk you through how Ark Group is specialized in building kid-friendly homes.

Getting the Basics Right

Just like Bill Gates quoted, “The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out.” Ark Samyak is a project that is primarily focused on the same concept. With the same in mind, the walls for all the kids’ rooms are to be finished with semi-gloss paints. This gives them all the liberty to draw and paint over them. They can easily be scrubbed without affecting the finish of it anyway. The floors are Vinyl floors which are durable enough to take anything the kids have to throw at them. These rooms also have motion sensors to let our children be carefree about switching lights On/Off.

Marking Those Delicate Touches

We know children can get super excited while playing. Hence, we made the walls slightly curved and not solid-edged. Your children can now continue playing without you tensing over it. And yes, the sockets have dummy plugs into them so that no kid pokes their fingers into it. Moreover, there is a finely painted giant chessboard in the outer play area for kids. There is another play area inside for children that keeps them engaged in fun activities.

The Clubhouse

While we talk about the development of children, we often neglect the holistic development of kids. It is what brings in the essence and acceptance of diversity to society. It is an unpromising attribute that we all need to add to our younger ones. Hence, Ark Samyak houses the clubhouse spread over 4 floors with different plans and activities allocated to each one. It is a great source of interaction for children as well as adults. While we as adults collaborate and contribute to society, it sets an example for our little ones to do the same. The clubhouse was made with the same purpose to build the new upcoming generations with much more exposure.

A Little on Amenities

The project also houses pools for both kids and adults. The pool is equipped with sensors to keep the water clean and safe while saving power. While Ark Samyak focuses on kids, we also have all the other amenities required. The area also has a separate gym and yoga/aerobics room to keep you healthy and fit. It is followed by an indoor games room for both elders and young ones. Moreover, there is a swimming pool on the rooftop too. These pools are equipped with changing rooms and toilets attached. Needless to say, the project has a lift to make our lives easier.

It’s Different

At Ark Samyak, there will be plenty of activities to teach kids, starting with sustainability ranging from rainwater harvesting to gardening & recycling. It is an Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) gold-rated project. That says it all. But, the project also has a lot of greenery to exhibit. It has a design added for differently-abled people too. The project also has an EV charging facility to back as an advantage. Following the green rules, Ark Samyak is focused on organic waste management and is powered by solar energy for common lighting purposes.

We hope that gives you an insight into what Ark Samyak is all about. These are just some of the many points that we have put into the picture for now. If you are wondering about the location, it is near Bachupally X roads. If you are looking for a new house for your child, avail the luxurious future of your child now with Ark Samyak.