Benefits of Living in an IGBC Certified Green Home

What is IGBC?

IGBC stands for the Indian Green Building Council. It certifies if a residential project adheres to the norms of a sector that conserves energy and plays an active part in conserving the environment. The main objective of the IGBC is to guide the residential projects to effectively use their resources. Water conservation, using energy effectively and productively and waste management during the construction as well as after life within the community commences, are the main focuses of the IGBC green homes.

The rating system concerning the IGBC green homes has some requirements and points on two scales. One is the perspective based approach and the second is the performance based approach. The way the rating system works is it evaluates both environmental prospects and the user-friendly prospects of a project. The quality of life the residents are living plays just as big a role in IGBC green homes as the importance of conservation of the environment.

Greenery with a variety of local plants and fruit-bearing trees, rainwater harvesting, wastewater treatment and reusing it for various purposes are some of the facilities an IGBC green home is evaluated on.

Benefits of IGBC Green Homes

Residents of many gated community apartments have started to expect IGBC green homes so that they have something to look forward to rather than just enjoying the facilities and amenities provided by the gated community. Many top real estate developers in the country are working towards building IGBC green homes. Certified green buildings can benefit the environment just as much as they benefit their residents and in the long run, they can save a lot of money and natural resources too. The immediate benefits of IGBC green homes are that they can save almost 20-30% of water and conserve energy up to 50% right from the day its residents start using it. In the long run, there are numerous benefits like good daylight all over the project, better air quality overall, efficient organic waste management, improved health and wellbeing of the residents, etc.

The IGBC green homes are evaluated based on how well the homes are able to display all the benefits mentioned above. The categories the IGBC evaluates the projects are –

  • Site Selection and Planning
  • Water Conservation
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Materials & Resources
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Innovation & Design Process

The IGBC can certify all types of residential buildings like independent residential units, gated communities, hostels, resorts, motels, guest houses, etc.

Ark Real Estate & Infra have some of the best environment-friendly homes, we have ample daylight, fresh air and cross-ventilation over the whole project. Our projects are surrounded by greenery and various species of local and exotic plants, we make sure our rainwater harvesting system uses of the rainwater.

We have a waste management system in place so that the waste produced by the residents don’t harm the surroundings or the environment in the big picture. The plumbing fixtures across our projects are designed in such a way that it is efficient in saving water and provide running water to our residents round the clock. Our upcoming projects will be IGBC certified. To know more about Ark Real Estate & Infra, visit