Ark Foundation – Providing Opportunities to Deserving Students

Ark Foundation by Ark Group is an organisation that provides resources for deserving students, that help them excel in life and serve the country for the better. Helping the less privileged with financial aid, betterment of the infrastructure in government schools, helping to better the living conditions, environment, promoting and organising campaigns for organ donations are some initiatives taken by us at Ark Foundation to build a better future for the country.

Constantly trying to provide equal opportunities for all parts of society is something that we take pride in. As a famous quote goes, “charity begins at home”, some of our employees at Ark Group and their family members have already pledged to donate their organs. We also provide aid for our less privileged employees with their financial needs and more. Our foundation thrives to make our employee’s lifestyles better and provide free medical care to whoever is in need. “Encouraging personal and professional growth will not only benefit the individuals but the society as a whole” is something that we firmly believe in.

From providing better education to the less privileged to providing better environments and touching the hearts of tens of hundreds of farmers through poetry, we, at Ark Foundation, have gone above and beyond to make sure the society we live in becomes something we will be proud of. We also provide a platform for the people who want to show their talent in any field and encourage them to grow and learn. Being successful in life doesn’t only require talent but also a platform where people can showcase their talents.

By providing the people with the financial aid to support the young talent of our country, the Foundation is constantly trying to provide equal opportunities to the less privileged.

We, at Ark Foundation, also held seminars and motivational speeches to reduce the number of people dropping out of schools and colleges and increase the number of people willing to get an education. We helped students to discover themselves and helped them in becoming the best version of themselves.

One such life that was impacted by our Foundation was from a small village in Telangana, our employees recognised the talent of Neela Narsimha and encouraged him to write poetry. We also provided him with a platform to showcase his poetry, inspire farmers and prevent them from committing suicide. The songs and poems he writes focus on the hardships in the lives of the farmers across villages. He has written songs on the Covid-19 pandemic and how it is affecting the farmers, his songs have also helped people who had suicidal thoughts and prevented them from committing suicide. He is on the way to becoming a revolutionary writer of our time.

We supported the talent of a star cricket player Trisha, she was just 12 years old when she displayed immense talent in cricket. Now she is 16 and already playing for the U-19 women’s cricket team for the country (India Green). We love to showcase the talents discovered by us and cricketer Trisha is one of such talents.

We, at Ark Foundation, believe that everyone deserves a good life. We make donations to various charities, NGOs, and schools for children with special needs. We also distribute machinery where there is a shortage, distribute bicycles, shoes, laptops and other resources to lessprivileged and minority groups. Our Foundation has also built a room for the Chatiainya Seva Ashram in Mahbubnagar to help the underprivileged and the needy.

The CMD of Ark Group, Mr. Gummi Ram Reddy, has the vision to provide enough resources to students who want to be civil servants and shape the nation’s future. To know more about Ark Foundation, Click here.

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