6 Reasons to invest in a home in Suryapet

The city of Suryapet lies in a district called Surypet, which is carved out of erstwhile Nalgonda district. The region is historically popular as the hub of the movement against Razakars in Telangana Armed Struggle. The city was earlier known as Bhanupuri.

Today this city is developing fast with flourishing industries, especially cement. Construction & development is booming here too. Many are now considering this city because of the umpteen benefits and facilities available here.

Some of them include:

1. Low prices

Suryapet is an upcoming destination and a preferred choice for the millennials. It has an urban metropolitan and the prices are much lower compared to the nearby capital. With low prices, many can afford ownership homes here instead of having to pay rentals.

Alongside, the rapid development and urbanization in this area assure property prices escalating shortly — making it a clever investment choice! One can find an assortment of options here from plots to high-rises and also gated communities, which ensures plenty of options to chose from.

2. Proximity to the Hyderabad

Hyderabad is about 136 km away from the Suryapet. Though healthcare, education, etc are available Hyderabad is still a drive away. So this helps in establishing a direct connection to the capital.

3. Easy connectivity

ease of public transit. It has a hi-tech bus station, which is the fourth largest bus station in Telangana. The Miryalaguda railway station is about 32.53 km away from the city. Hyderabad airport is the nearest one.

4. Easy help available

A bonus for the residents of Suryapet is easy to access to help. A lot of migrant labor is available here for both commercial and residential purposes. In particular, this is a convenient option for young IT couples or those in the service industry.

5. Clean & neat city

Suryapet was also regarded as the first waste-compliant city of India in 2003. The city is clean and eco-friendly — in fact, it was awarded the “Cleanest city” in South India. The municipality of the city also won the HUDCO Award under the environmental management category.

6. Educated population

The city of Suryapet also has a very high literacy rate of 84%. So, it is inhabited by more educated professionals. There are also plenty of schools, colleges, and other educational centers in the area — including a medical college.

For those who are looking for an upcoming destination that gives the benefit of affordable homes & maintaining work-life balance — Suryapet offers the entire package.

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